Rainbow Aquarius' Profile (Please alert me if you notice any spelling errors or anything that is incorrect)

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Rainbow Aquarius' Profile (Please alert me if you notice any spelling errors or anything that is incorrect)

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Rainbow Aquarius
Creature: Pegasus
Appearance: Dark blue mane with a light red streak down the middle, aqua green coat and wings, rainbow tail, dark brown eyes and a red glowing heart for a cutie mark
Special Talent: Can forgive anypony for what they have done, even murder
Personality: He isn't very good at making friends, but those who are his friends would never betray him and they would do almost anything for each other. He is afraid of nothing except big crowds. A few of his flaws are that he is afraid of trying anyhting new, he is a fraid of talking to new people and he isn't very good stating or continuing conversations.
Bio: Rainbow Aquarius was a young colt, and was abandoned by his own parents at the doorstep of an orphanage in Manehattan. One day at the orphanage, a unicorn couple trotted through the door. They said they were looking to adopt a “unique” filly or colt, so the mare working at the orphanage gathered up the most “unique” fillies and colts they had. One had unusually large wings and another had a chipped horn, but one of them caught the couple’s eyes. “A…rainbow tail?” said the couple simultaneously. “Yep, not many ponies with rainbow tails have ever existed, in fact ponies used to think it was a myth…until now.” The couple nodded at each other, they now had their little pegasus. Since Aquarius was a pegasus growing up in a family of unicorns, he was always jealous of his siblings’ magical abilities and never learned how to fly. He was lucky to be in a rich family and to have a good education, but he always felt there was something missing. One fateful day Aquarius was trotting home from school, when he heard a mare’s scream coming from a nearby house. As if by instinct the young colt galloped towards the scream, and was able to see a grey unicorn sneaking out with a bloody knife. Without thinking twice, the brave colt charged the mysterious unicorn knocking both him and his knife to the ground. “I know you did something.” said the colt in disgust. “I-I don’t know what you mean. Heh…heh.” stuttered the unicorn. “You did something with that knife, and you are going to tell me about it.” “I…I…OKAY! I killed her! An innocent mare! I killed her without mercy and I deserve to be put in jail!” confessed the murderer, bursting into tears. “…Follow me…” said the young colt in a calm voice. “Wh-What?” “I said follow me, so do it.” “O-O-Okay” Rainbow Aquarius traveled to the south most end of Manehattan as the murderer followed until they reached the city limits. “…Go…” said the colt in a soft voice. “Wh-What do you mean go?” stuttered the unicorn, still crying. “I could turn you in! Put you in jail! But I’m giving you a chance. A chance at freedom. If you want to be free, run from here and never come back. OR stay here with me, while I bring you to the police. So, which do you choose?” Without looking back the unicorn bolted off, leaving his past in the dust. “…Hm?” Aquarius noticed something appeared on his flank. “M-My cutie mark?!” A big red glowing heart had appeared on his flank, as if it was telling him he made the right choice in letting that unicorn off the hook.

A few years later

Rainbow Aquarius has moved to Ponyville in search of Rainbow Dash supposedly the greatest flier in Equestria in hope of getting flight lessons from her. “Oh, hi Rainbow Da-“ a pink figure had stopped talking to Aquarius very suddenly next to him. “Oh, uh so so so sorry new pony! I thought you were my friend Rainbow Dash!” said the pink figure. “Wait you know Rainbow Dash?” but it was too late the pink figure had already run off in embarrassment. Rainbow Aquarius was trotting along in a field when- “Owwww my head! Oh did I hit you? Oh I’m so sorry uhhh” “Just call me Aquarius.” “Okay, sorry Aquarius.” Said Rainbow Dash in embarrassment. “Its okay, Rainbow Dash, right?” “The one and only!” “Good, because I was kinda hoping to get some flight lessons from you.” “Flight lessons? Are you kidding? I would never give flight less” Rainbow Dash stop talking suddenly and started staring at this new pony’s rainbow tail. “I mean I will definitely give you flight lessons.” Said Rainbow Dash with a sudden change of heart. “You, you will?! Oh thank you thank you thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me!” exclaimed a very excited young stallion. Aquarius galloped up to Rainbow Dash and squeezed her, yet it didn’t stop her from staring at this new pony’s rainbow tail as she said this under her breath “…I thought I was the only one…”
On his way home from his flight lessons, Aquarius found a cream colored mare with a pink mane and tail feeding her pets. “She’s beautiful…” said Aquarius very softly. “Hmm?” but before she could turn around, Aquarius was already galloping home.
Likes: quiet areas, animals, friends, friendly ponies, Fluttershy
Dislikes: loud areas, large crowds, ponies who have broken the law (murderers, bank robbers, etc.), unfriendly ponies (ex. Silver Spoon), lightning storms
Other: His brother's name is Shooting Star, his sister's name is Angelina, he was abandoned before he was 1 year old

You may use my OC's siblings' names if you want to
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