Rules Of The Roleplay

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Rules Of The Roleplay

Post  Starlight on Sun May 27, 2012 10:42 pm

You must read these rules to be able to make a character.
First Section: What and What Not to Create.
You Can Always Create:

Earth Pony
Diamond Dog
Critters (Bunny, Bird, Cat, Dog, etc.)
This list may include more creatures later on.
You Can Create With Mod Permission:
Draconequus (E.g. Discord)
Changeling (E.g. Queen Chrysalis)
Cerberus (Three-Headed Dog)
This list may include more creatures later on.
You Can Never Create (Currently):
Ursa Major/Minor
Any Constellation Creature
Sea Serpent
Quarray Eel
This list may include more creatures later on.
Second Section: Character Creation
After you completely read these rules, you can create a character, using the creation guidelines above. After I or one of the mods or other admins approve it, you may use the character to post in RPs. You cannot, and I repeat, cannot post with a character before it is approved, even if you are a mod or admin. You must also use the profile skeleton that will be provided. If the skeleton is not used, your profile will be rejected. If the profile is a cannon character, such as, say, Fluttershy, you must get her every detail correct. You cannot miss a thing. This is true even more so for powerful characters such as Discord or the Alicorn sisters, Luna and Celestia.
Third Section: Roleplaying Rules
1. No godmodding. For those of you who don't know, godmodding is controlling someone else's character without that person's permission.
2. If you break any rule, you will get two warnings. The third time, you will be banned. For the more serious offenses, you will be banned the first time.
3. No pornographic or overly gory RPs. No, I will not tolerate any clop, but shipping, just the romantic, is allowed. If you must, time skip it before anything happens. Outright pornographic posts, in any forum, is a first-time bannable offense. Yes, you can shed some blood, or have a fight, but please, don't get too, too gory. A couple of examples are Cupcakes, Rainbow Factory, and the lesser-known Cheerilee's Garden.
4. Yes, cussing is allowed outside of roleplaying. No, not using "fuck" every other time, but in roleplays, use pony curses, and try to even limit those. Please remember these are candy-colored ponies we are roleplaying as, not thugs in New York. A few examples: Buck, horse feathers, horse apples, hay.
5. This is a literate roleplay. We do not use *'s for actions, and we do not use the pony emotes when we are roleplaying. There are not any symbols for actions, as it will be like in a book. Dialogue is symbolized with "" and actions are just normal text. Please, also, roleplay your character in the second person.
6. This is more of a request, and you will not be banned if you don't do this. I would prefer if everyone put their character's name at the top of the post, and a picture of their character, as well. You can use colored text, and bold your dialogue, but please, use the same color for the same character.
7. We do not bully or harass others. If someone, outside of a RP, asks you to leave them alone, do it. If you continue, a mod or admin will intervene and ban, or at the very least warn you.
8. Also, try not to let conflicts from outside the roleplay come inside, and disrupt it. The same, with not letting conflicts from inside the RP come outside! It's just some text, from the eyes of a different character, and isn't necessarily the same way the person feels about you outside the RP.
9. You are not god. If you're in a fight, you can't always hit and always dodge. Also, if you're cannon especially, stick to your character. Say you have Applejack, you'll mostly fight by bucking, and be exceptionally strong. And if you're Twilight, you know you'd be fighting mostly with magic, and putting up shields, as you wouldn't have much physical strength.
Any rules past this point are new. Rules can be added at any time, without notice, but I will try to notify everyone every time I add a rule.


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