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Cannon Characters

Post  Starlight on Mon May 28, 2012 2:41 pm

These are the cannon characters that are avalible, taken, and reserved. If you reserve a cannon character, you have one week to write the profile, and then that character is open.

Mane Characters
Twilight Sparkle: Taken by Starlight.
Rarity: Reserved by »♫ℓαву
Fluttershy: Open
Rainbow Dash: Open
Applejack: Taken by iCornelia.
Pinkie Pie: Open
Spike: Open

Princess Celestia: Open
Princess Luna: Open
Princess Cadance: Open

Royality and Rich
Prince Blueblood: Open
(Prince) Shining Armor: Open
Fancy Pants: Open
Fleur-De-Lis: Open
Sapphire Shores: Open
Photo Finish: Open
Hoity Toity: Open

Fillies and Colts
Applebloom: Open
Scootaloo: Open
Sweetie Belle: Open
Featherweight: Open
Pipsqueak: Open
Twist: Open
Diamond Tiara: Open
Silver Spoon: Open
Snips: Open
Snails: Open

Philomeena: Open
Peewee: Open
Angel Bunny: Open
Winona: Open
Opalescence: Open
Gummy: Open
Owloysius: Open
Tank: Open

The Wonderbolts:
Spitfire: Open
Soarin: Open
Fleetfoot: Open
Rapidfire: Open
Surprise (Unoffical name, you can change it, I just perfer it. The blond Wonderbolt with white fur.): Open

Background Characters:
Derpy Hooves: Open
Doctor Whooves: Open
Berry Punch: Open
Big Mac(intosh): Open
Granny Smith: Open
Braeburn: Open
Octavia: Open
Vinyl Scratch (DJ PON-3): Open
The Mayor: Open
Nurse Redheart: Open
Cheerilee: Open
Daisy: Open
Lily: Open
Rose: Open
Lyra (Heartstrings): Open
Bon-Bon: Open
Thunderlane: Open
Cloud Chaser: Open
(Pony) Joe: Open
Aloe: Open
Lotus: Open
Caramel: Open
Mr. Carrot Cake: Open
Mrs. Cup Cake: Open
Pegasus or Unicorn Royal Guards: Unlimited.
If there's a cannon I've missed that you want to be, make it! Just put that it's cannon somewhere, and I'll add the name on the list.

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